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Rental Car Solutions

VRM is a comprehensive information management system targets car rentals business sector.

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School Management Solutions

Principals and parents can rapidly and easily identify, locate the school bus on the Internet in real time saving valuable time

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Fleet Management Solutions

Planning The Trip Route, Following Its Implementation, And Receiving A Real Time Indication For Work Plan Violations.

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Welcome To GeoBaby

GeoBaby is a unique product among its competitors. Chief among the differentiating features is the fact that Geobaby is significantly less expensive than other GPS providers in terms of cost of operation and acquisition. For our consumer, that means a much improved Return on Investment. Technically, GeoBaby solutions deliver a variety of features and proficiencies that further differentiate the product in the market place.

Geobaby GPS Solution is an exceptional, climbable and bendable product designed by Geo And Logic GIS Solutions to allow users to attain maximum productivity from the vehicle fleets that they operate. It is provided as a complete, turn - key system to the user providing extremely low cost of operation and overheads.


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